5 May 1871: The first issue of Abigail Duniway’s newspaper, The New Northwest, was published. The weekly newspaper, which was devoted to issues of women’s rights, ran from 1871 to 1887.

5 May 1913: The Morning Oregonian ran a column on Abigail Scott Duniway voting in her first primary election the previous Saturday. She was there alongside many other Oregonian women and suffragists. A movie was even made to commemorate this historic occasion, and the paper noted how the women, especially the age-old suffragists, “smiled in delight” as they finally cast their votes. The movie premiered at the Empress Theatre and ran for a week following.

Abigail Duniway was born in 1834 in Illinois. She moved to Oregon in 1852, a journey which claimed the life of her mother and brother. It was in Portland, Oregon that she began what would be her life work, fighting for the rights of women. She traveled, lectured, and lobbied. Like other suffragists, she had to endure much abuse, physically and verbally. Finally, in 1912, the State of Oregon formally adopted women suffrage, and Duniway helped draft its proclamation. The first woman to register, Duniway went to vote on 3 May 1913. She passed away two years later.

—via Library of Congress / Albany Regional Museum / Femilogue

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